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Everything You Should Know About Merchant's Tire & Auto Centers

Merchant Tires


Merchant Tire is an automotive company that provides simple, quick, and cost-efficient services for their customers. Whether it be a truck or car, their team of specialists will ensure that consumers are back on the road as quickly and safely as possible. They also go out of their way to remember crucial services like oil changes and brake checks, all while keeping costs down as much as possible. In this review, we’ll cover this company more in-depth.


Brief History

Merchant Tire is currently located in more than 1,200 locations and across forty one states. And while they cover a very large area of the map, their standards for helping customers and offering low prices remains the same across the board. They were originally founded in 1972 and have grown tremendously since that time. Here is some important historical information that you should know about Merchant Tire:


About Their Technicians

Probably one of the main reasons why Merchant Tire is such an excellent company is because all of their technicians are ASE certified. Basically, they all have the skills and knowledge required to handle all of your automotive needs.
ASE certified technicians have skillsets that are proven and these technicians are offered at all Merchant Tire locations. Here are a few ways that this company will make the lives of their consumers easier:
Essentially, these are all promises that Merchant Tire makes and they do an excellent job at making sure they accomplish them. Aside from that, they offer the major types of services that you would find in most locations including brake checks, oil changes, and wheel alignments. They have a substantial amount of locations across North America and are living up to their positive reputation to this day.